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Fluid Edge Themes

Restore waters and shores for a pristine environment

Super powers

We collect, we catch, we intercept, we clean water and land. No waste can resist us.

Places of action

Where land and water meet together, you will find us: marinas, ports, rivers and beaches

Team Work

Water or land, solid or liquid, we act as a team to clean any area.


We are intelligent and we act methodically. Not only are we eco friendly, but we make your life easier.

Born to restore our shores

A range of innovative products to catch and remove trash

The shore is a natural receptacle for residues coming from human and natural activities. The ecosystem needs to be restored.

We act for the creation of preserved ecosystems: without alteration, rich by water quality and biodiversity.

Ultimate place of action

A global solution to protect our natural ecosystem

90% of waste found in the water is coming from the coastline and we have a major role to play to restore our living environment. 

The coastlines are the last frontiers were we can take actions. Where waste has to be intercepted and collected before drifting towards the seventh continent.

We develop smart solutions. We act. We intercept.

Product Heroes


The super Beach Robot


The incredible floating waste collector


The magic Floating Drone


The extraordinary waste collecting boat


The majestic Bubble barrier


The super Beach Robot

Versatile | Eco Friendly | Discreet

BeBot is a super beach boy, it can screen sand, collect waste, sift sport field, play music and move heavy loads.


The incredible floating waste collector

Powerful | Economic | Discreet

The Collec'Thor is the most efficient, practical and easy to use waste removal solution. Its large storage capacity enables it to eliminate all floating waste surrounding its area.


The magic floating drone

Agile | Autonomous | Connected

PixieDrone is a magic floating drone, it can catch waste, collect data and support cleaning crews in their daily job.


The majestic Bubble Barrier

Purifying | Preventative | Relentless

InvisiBubble is a majestic Bubble barrier. It can purify water, deflect debris, quarantine hydrocarbures and preserve fauna.


We create living spaces and recreational facilities while we develop innovative solutions to restore the shores and live in union with our natural ecosystem.

Since its creation in 1984, Poralu Marine has become the world leader in the design and the construction of aluminium marinas for seas, oceans, rivers & lakes. Its 8,000 constructions throughout the world are stamped with the seal of innovation, down to their tiniest details.  

The group is constantly investing and developing technics and knowhow to adapt our natural environment and make it more accessible while developing innovative solutions to restore the shoreline and preserve our ecosystem.

In 2020, Poralu Marine moves up a step by launching the first range of intelligent and eco-friendly waste collectors, The Searial Cleaners.  A global solution for a stronger influence and greater impact.

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