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Our Philosophy "Collecting is no longer an option, it is a founding citizen act...." Discover the strength of our commitment IMPACT Program Together, let's give meaning to your actions & transform mentalities 3 levels of commitment Focus on our locations Worldwide deployment DISCOVER Collec'Thor Fixed waste collector LEARN MORE

Our Philosophy

Collecting waste is no longer an option...

“… it’s an essential and fundamental civic act that transforms mindsets and creates new practices.


We firmly believe in technology when it’s used to bring about transition, hand in hand with everyone who is committed to making a difference on the ground every day. Collecting waste – collecting more, better, more often – so that tomorrow, we no longer need to clean but simply to protect.


Let’s combine our efforts and make a difference.”


IMPACT Program

A collaborative and sustainable transformation program

''Stop wondering, start cleaning''


It all starts with collecting waste in the field. With technology, we can collect better and more often to provide long-term protection to our coastlines.

Identify pollution sources & adapt our technological response to the problems we identify.

''Don't feed the Cleaner''


To bring meaning to your waste collection activities, we help you to tell the story of your commitment.

Educate local people and stakeholders through awareness-raising and waste categorization campaigns, supported by our partners.

''I am a Searial Cleaner''


Build a community of ambassadors. Act, influence, lead by example and speak out to defend a cause – and sometimes to challenge.

Roll out a long-term implementation strategy by setting tangible transformation goals.

Our cleaners

Green tech solutions to combat marine pollution

Beach screener

Fixed waste collector

Mobile waste collector

Bubble barrier

Beach cleaner

90% of plastic waste comes from the coast.

A lot of this waste is buried or mixed in with the sand, often in the form of small particles that are difficult to remove using traditional trash-picking techniques.

The Searial Cleaners, working in partnership with Niteko Robotics, has developed the beach-screening robot BeBot, an expert at locating plastic waste on fine sandy beaches…

Wall-E syndrome

Wall-E, the example not to follow This week, we are talking about Wall-E, a small robot slashing waste, whose mission is to clean up the Earth while humans are gone. You’ve certainly seen a pretty childish fable, we’ve seen an [...]

Fixed waste collector

Collec'Thor in operation

Developed by The Searial Cleaners, this collector robot is attached to the dock, where it collects waste from the water’s surface through suction…

Innovative and complementary green technologies
to collect marine waste from the coast

Our partners

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