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Our realization

« Things would be easier if people didn't throw their garbage away in nature »

A reality beyond fiction

Finding yourself face to face with a piece of waste floating on the surface of the water while walking along the seashore is not really surprising these days. To discover only one would be quite exceptional.

The reality is indeed much more serious and alarming. Every day we find tons of waste agglomerated on our beaches, or piled up roughly on the seabed all along our coasts.

These terrifying images of uninterrupted streams of garbage carried by rivers all over the world to the oceans cause us a stupefying effect that literally paralyzes us.

Even more sadly

The ones brought back by the sea currents with the liking of the waves coming to die on the shore after months, even years at sea: bottles, soda cans, fishing nets, basins, buoys. When they are not thousands of cigarette butts stuck in the sand.

These images flood our news feeds on social networks and install a feeling of disgust first, then of guilt…

The sleeper must awaken (*)

Stunned by the devastation caused on a planetary scale, we wonder about our capacity as individuals to respond to this disorder: “What can I do? How can we slow down the spread? How can we minimize its effects on the environment and on all ecosystems? How can we raise awareness?”

Of course, we must act on the origins of this pollution, but we must keep in mind that it is the complementarity of actions that will reward our efforts.


The 4 pillars to be considered are the following:

  • Reduce plastic waste
  • Improve our waste management
  • Clean up polluted areas
  • Raise the awareness of the maximum number of people on the ravages caused by human pollution

It is up to each of us to realize that our individual and collective actions have an impact on our environment, but that if we recognize that these actions can harm it, they can also help to heal it.


Let’s take our responsibilities in the face of this predicted disaster: TRYING is better than GIVING UP.


(*) Quote by Frank Herbert from his novel “Dune