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Bubble curtain

A protective curtain that controls floating waste

A fragile microcosm

The marine microcosm is extremely fragile. Several factors can upset its balance and lead to ecosystem degradation that can ultimately have irreversible effects.
In low-current areas, the water can become deoxygenated, resulting in odors that indicate poor environmental health, as well as the appearance of harmful, erosive plants and algae.

Another outcome is accelerated bottom sedimentation with an accumulation of fine matter leading to uncontrolled erosion.

Finally, accumulated waste from the sea bed can enter areas of the harbor, marina or body of water and gather there.

What are the solutions?

One solution is to (re)introduce water movement using a bubble generator. This helps to combat eutrophication, reduce sedimentation, and act to block waste.

In fact, it isn’t dissimilar to a more familiar process used in aquariums, as the curtain of bubbles often seen in fish tanks helps to oxygenate the water. Used in a harbor or lake, it blocks, contains, and even redirects solid or liquid waste to an existing collection point.

A technical innovation that brings transformation

The Searial Cleaners and its partner Canadian Pond have an innovative solution: InvisiBubble

InvisiBubble is a bubble curtain that can purify water, redirect debris and sediment, and contain oil spills.
It doesn’t disrupt surrounding plant or animal life and can even provide protection against harmful items.

InvisiBubble is a powerful complement to other solutions, such as Collec’Thor, as the bubble curtain creates a current that will redirect waste to the fixed collection point.

InvisiBubble can be a powerful ally in your efforts and provide an effective solution to your waste collection needs