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Our mission

“Normalizing waste collection to clean, protect and take care of our environment, now and always”

Our mission

Make waste collection easy and normal for all coast stakeholders – starting with everyday citizens, and with them, all those who hold positions of responsibility: elected officials and public & private managers. Make picking up waste an automatic civic reflex that will help protect our ecosystems.

Technology as a driver of transformation

The Searial Cleaners has developed innovative, complementary green technologies to collect marine waste in harbors, marinas, and inland watercourses, as well as on sandy beaches.

Assisted by technology and using a holistic approach, we’ll help to reduce pollution wherever it exists.

Supported by our community, we’ll do everything we can – through awareness-raising, waste categorization and education – to transform practices and mindsets.

Back to the source

We have to remember that 90% of waste found at sea comes from the coast.  It’s here that we can still intercept it before it floats out to sea and adds to the mountain of plastic in the world’s oceans. That makes the coast the last place we can take action – and it’s a place we know inside out. We have a major role to play in restoring our environment.

But tomorrow, with the help of our partners and a growing community, we’ll trace marine pollution back to the source. We’ll travel up rivers and watercourses, right to the polluters themselves. Don’t wait until it’s too late – let’s launch this movement for change together.

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