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What solutions exist to stop floating waste from accumulating and stagnating?

A fixed collector installed on the waste flow path

Worryingly predictable

Harbors and marinas are places where we see multiple inward and outward movements of floating marine waste in the form of often identical marine currents that lead to the same place in the marina. It’s sad and worryingly predictable.

Any harbor master will be able to show you where waste accumulates, stagnating on the surface of the water before slowly sinking to the bottom.

What solutions are out there?

Is it possible to collect waste and stop it clustering together or disappearing to the bottom of the harbor without having to resort to expensive resources, especially given that collection by hand is painstaking and expensive in terms of time and people power?

One solution is to install a fixed waste collector, located in the mouth of the current once its position has been identified. Its pump system generates a slight suction, attracting all unwanted floating objects and trapping them in the collector.

A technical innovation that brings transformation

Collec’Thor is a fixed waste collector that is installed at the water’s edge and/or on floating docks, and offers a large storage capacity as well as being quick and easy to use.

It can hold up to 100 kg (320 liters) of solid floating waste (plastic bottles, cigarette filters, packaging) as well as liquid waste (hydrocarbons). Boasting a wide scope of action, it can attract microplastics from 4 mm in size. Collec’Thor doesn’t use a waste bag, and offers easy waist-level emptying and cleaning.

An innovative technical solution with a sturdy pump and a long lifespan.

Collec’Thor can be a powerful ally in your efforts and provide an effective solution to your waste collection needs