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IMPACT Program

Collecting waste isn’t the end goal – in fact, it’s the starting point of a process of transforming practices and mindsets.

Are you looking to get involved in the fight against marine pollution but are unsure of your ability and/or means to deploy effective and sustainable solutions?

The Searial Cleaners has developed a collaborative three-level system based on real cooperation between its community of partners in the field: NGOs, charities, universities, public and private stakeholders, and sponsors.

As an industrial stakeholder with real skills in innovation and engineering, we’ve developed a unique approach. Using technology, make it possible to collect waste from places that was once beyond people’s reach. At the same time, through our partners, support the work of the men & women who have already committed – or want to commit – to a sustainable process of transforming practices and mindsets. Make waste collection not the end goal but the starting point.

It’s a tailor-made program designed around your commitment to combating marine pollution in all its forms.

“Raising awareness, educating and cleaning through technology”

Our support program is based on three key pillars:


It all starts with collecting waste in the field. With technology, we can collect better and more often to provide long-term protection to our coastlines.

Identify pollution sources & adapt our technological response to the problems we identify.


To consolidate your waste collection activities and give them meaning, we help you to tell the story of your commitment.

Educate local people and stakeholders through awareness-raising and waste categorization campaigns, supported by our partners.


Build a community of ambassadors. Act, influence, lead by example and speak out to defend a cause – and sometimes to challenge.

We work with you to roll out a long-term implementation strategy by setting transformation goals.