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Our Philosophy

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Our philosophy

Collecting waste is no longer an option. It’s an essential and fundamental civic act that transforms mindsets and practices.

We firmly believe in technology that contributes to transition, hand in hand with everyone who is committed to making a difference on the ground every day – improving waste collection so that tomorrow, we no longer need to clean but simply protect.

Let’s join forces and make a difference.

Stop wondering, start cleaning!

Marine pollution is everybody’s business. It starts with you: in your living room, in your garden, in how you consume and sort your waste.

But now we need to go further.  By building on transformational technology, The Searial Cleaners has set itself the goal of creating new practices and new habits: making it possible to clean our polluted coastlines; making this an automatic process. Our mission is to leave our beaches and our river banks cleaner than we found them.

Through our community of stakeholders, we’re committed to making things happen, getting as many people as possible involved, influencing decision-makers and changing mindsets.

Claire Touvier
Impact Manager – The Searial Cleaners

Our commitments

The Searial Cleaners wants to contribute by becoming a driver of change. And to do that, we’ve made three commitments:

  • Develop tech solutions and use them to combat marine pollution.
  • Help you to become a waste collection stakeholder working alongside us.
  • Use our network and our influence to raise awareness of the issues of marine pollution among as many people as possible.