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INVISIBUBBLE: the multi-talented Cleaner

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INVISIBUBBLE: the multi-talented Cleaner

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INVISIBUBBLE: a solution to many problems

INVISIBUBBLE is a bubble curtain capable of reoxygenating water, deflecting debris and sediments, and quarantining oil derivatives. Its action does not disturb the ambient fauna and flora and will even preserve it from any harmful body.

INVISIBUBBLE consists in giving movement to the whole of the sea-beds using a generator of bubbles. This last will contribute to fight against eutrophication, to attenuate sedimentation and to act as shield against waste.

Connected to a generator installed on the surface, the tube deployed on the seabed releases a bubble curtain along previously identified areas. The length of the tube, its diameter, its depth and the power of the generator are criteria that will influence the diameter of the bubbles and the capacity of the curtain to fulfill its mission.

This bubble curtain has 4 main missions:
– To trap floating and submerged waste of a size of 2mm and then divert it to a waste collection point
– Increase the oxygen level in the water to avoid stratification and deoxygenation of the water and the appearance of odors that indicate a bad state of the environment, especially by the appearance of harmful and erosive plants and algae
– Reduce the erosion of critical areas, stabilize the acceleration of the sedimentation of the seabed (accumulation of fine materials generating uncontrolled erosion)
– To avoid an excessive accumulation of waste on the sea floor

Deployed in a port, a canal or a lake, Invisibubble would make it possible to block, confine, or even redirect the solid or liquid waste towards a collection point previously installed such as COLLEC’THOR, our fixed collector of floating waste.

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