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Lifegate & The Searial Cleaners : a partnership committed to action

A relentless fight against plastic pollution

To support the deployment of its range of clean’techs and to reinforce its deep impact on the fight against marine litter, The Searial Cleaners have joined the “PLASTICLESS” program initiated by our partner LIFEGATE.

LIFEGATE is a non-profit media considered as the reference in the field of sustainable development in Italy, which gathers a community of more than 6 million people passionate about environmental and sustainable development issues. It works with determination to share information and deploy projects and services involving an expanding network of people, companies, NGOs and institutions committed to building a sustainable future.

Strength in unity

Zero plastic waste goal

The “PLASTICLESS” program was launched with the objective of preserving the health of our oceans. It calls on private sponsors to come and equip locations with waste collection technology, also named Cleaners.

Its primary mission is to help reduce pollution in the seas by collecting plastic waste in all its forms that accumulates in ports and marinas around the world.

It was impossible for us not to join forces with LIFEGATE with the common desire to perpetuate this partnership over the long term with a highly motivated team invested in marine ecosystems protection.

The Searial Cleaners continue to be interested in partnering with committed individuals who believe that it is time to take action.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us!