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Mobile waste collector

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Mobile waste collector

Actively seeking out and collecting all types of floating waste before it accumulates

A parade of waste

If you watch waste floating in a harbor or in a canal in calm water, you’ll quickly notice that it always takes the same path, probably because most of it is carried by the same water currents.

And so you can expect that its journey will almost always take it to the same place. There are technical solutions to collect waste at its destination, such as fixed waste collectors like the Collec’Thor.

But you can also collect it one step up the chain as it floats along its path.

What are the solutions ?

Just like there are robot vacuum cleaners that follow a predetermined route around your house, there are aquatic drones that can be scheduled to follow a precise route every day and collect all the waste they encounter on their way, in fresh water and salt water alike.

A technical innovation that brings transformation

Ranmarine, one of The Searial Cleaners’ partners, has developed a solution: Pixie Drone

Pixie Drone is a mobile floating waste collector that intercepts the path of marine debris and collects it.
Operating in calm or even stagnant waters, this floating drone can provide a quick response. Very easy to launch and pilot manually or autonomously using a pre-programmed route.
With its collection capacity of 160 liters, it can operate uninterrupted for over 6 hours in total safety thanks to its LIDAR technology and monitoring camera.

Pixie Drone can be a powerful ally in your efforts and provide an effective solution to your waste collection needs