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Mobile waste collector

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Mobile waste collector

Collect all floating waste where it is

The farandole of waste

If we observe the progression of waste, whether in a port or along a canal in calm waters, we quickly realize that they always follow the same route, probably because they are carried away by the same water currents.

We can therefore expect them to end their journey in almost the same place. There are then technical solutions to collect this waste at its destination point, notably fixed waste collectors such as COLLEC’THOR.

But we can also anticipate this step and want to collect them upstream, along the water.

What solutions ?

Like the vacuum cleaner robots that follow a predetermined path in your house, there are aquatic drone robots that can be programmed on a daily basis to follow a precise path and collect all the waste that is encountered on its way, in fresh or salt water.

The Searial Cleaners & RanMarine

Ranmarine  has developed  a solution: PIXIEDRONE.

PIXIEDRONE powered by Ranmarine, is a mobile collector of floating waste which will intervene on the place of routing of the marine detritus and come to “swallow” them.
Sailing in calm water, even stagnant, it can intervene quickly because simple to put in the water and to pilot manually, or in an autonomous way according to a preprogrammed course.
With its collection capacity of 160 liters, it can work for more than 6 hours without interruption and in complete safety thanks to its LIDAR technology and its control camera.

PixieDrone answers your waste collection problems?